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The Runcorn Locks Restoration Society (est. 2004) are the founders of the Unlock Runcorn campaign, whose purpose is to get the Runcorn Old Line of locks to be restored. We have members from all over England and Wales. Our efforts have already moved the project higher up the local authority’s priority list and with more support from a wider community we can give the scheme an even bigger boost.  

Every new member demonstrates to potential fund holders that there is an increasing determined firm commitment and passion for restoring Runcorn Locks.  Keep up to date, add momentum to the reconstruction, fuel the campaign, spread the good word.  Become a member today and make a difference. 
Membership Application/Renewal
Membership costs £5 per year for single, family or corporate membership.
We welcome membership payment by PayPal, cheque (payable to Runcorn Locks Restoration Society) and standing order mandate.  We kindly request you use our preferred method via standing order as this reduces our administration costs.
For cheque or standing order payments please download the Membership Application Form below:
 Membership Application/Renewal form                        GetAdobeFlashPlayer.png